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Faith Clinic

Faith Clinic is a special prayer and intercessory meeting with the ministers, members of the Church and the general public. It is a power filled meeting designed to handle spiritual,mental,psychological and physical issues.

arms and ministry


The Women Guild of the Church is the umbrella body for all women of the PCN. They are the mothers of the Church and the pride of Christain women. The organize trainings and programs which are geared towards making every woman in the church a true Christian mother.

Yada Choir

The Yada Choir also known as the youth choir is the choral wing of the church which is mostly made up of youth who uses their voice to praise and worship God.

Teen Ministry

The Church knowing that the teenage age is the most challenging stage of human development desided to esterblish this unit to enable the teenager receive adequate training toward being a better personality. They are thought how to manage the changes in their physical development, peer group influence and other social excitement which they may encounter in life.

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